The beginning of my blog

Like most people I have a large number of varied interests in life. The two that are closest to my heart are Books and Food, which both have brought around the idea of this blog. Book wise I will be sharing what I have read recently and what I have read in the past that has impacted on me. Food wise it will be my cooking adventures, new food cravings, ingredients I love as well as food that provides a pleasurable eating out experience. (That could be from a burger place to a fine dining restaurant, my tastes are varied).

The next few weeks will be slow as I am in the process of moving house and those who have had to suffer the frustrations of moving before will be able to understand my dilemmas. I have already packed most of my house up, including all my books and most of my kitchenware. Returned all the library books I had out and I am going on my gut feeling and not going to borrow anymore until I’m settled again (the horror of losing a library book is not one I wish to endure).

Therefore my posts in the food area will be on trying to cook with limited resources and any memorable eating out experience I believe is worth mentioning.

On the book and reading subject I will be sharing the joy of my latest read with you all in my next post.


About nicolesr

Food and books, reading, cooking and eating are my favourite things besides my cats and dog of course. I love going for an early morning or evening walk, and I love nature. I am currently studying through OUA, which I thoroughly enjoy, even though it can be difficult.
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