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Browsing online through my local library’s catalogue the other week I came across a new addition to the libraries non-fiction collection. ‘The Riddle of the Labyrinth – the quest to crack an ancient code and the uncovering of a lost civilisation By Margalit Fox. Instantly catching my attention I immediately placed it on hold and I am glad I did.
Fox tells the history of the deciphering of the Linear B tablets which were found at Knossos and contain an unknown script.  The story is told from when the tablets were found to after they have been decoded. Credit is given to Alice Kober whose full involvement had been unnoted in previous texts. Reading the section on Kober gave me a strange sense of pride for a woman I didn’t even know. Kober planned her life around decoding the script, the script was not fitted into her life plan. In the end it takes the involvement of a number of people who Fox tells us about to break the code.
If you have an interest in language and history this should definitely satisfy a hunger for both, it did for me.


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Food and books, reading, cooking and eating are my favourite things besides my cats and dog of course. I love going for an early morning or evening walk, and I love nature. I am currently studying through OUA, which I thoroughly enjoy, even though it can be difficult.
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