A little about me. I have always had a fascination with food. I’m the person who at breakfast I’m thinking of what I will be having for dinner as lunch is already worked out.  My mum always liked to experiment with so-called new foods, growing up in the eighties there were a lot of these as our taste-buds were benefiting from multiculturalism.  My Dad well he is an amazing cook and everyone loves to go to his place for dinner, guaranteed yumminess! Myself I’ve always been on the savoury side of food, not being fond of sweets. However as silver hairs adorn my head, sweets are becoming more desirable. It started with chocolate and then I moved to dark chocolate, yes I know that is not exactly sweet. But when you mix it into self saucing puddings and cakes etc well it is then. Then I started to bake, oh my, a new love was found! I had always cooked by winging it, throwing a bit of this and a bit of that in, luckily I must have a sense for it as my creations always turned out delicious except with a few exceptions but they are more from getting distracted and forgetting I’m cooking. Then when I decide to try baking it was completely different I had to follow recipes; I had read endless material on how you must be precise in baking, at first I feared but then once I dived in I loved it. I will admit I don’t always measure precise and I have mixed it up, but isn’t that what life is all about; testing the boundaries and creating something new or improving something old. Mind you sometimes there are certain recipes that are perfect how they are, as with everything.

Now to books. My mum (who was an avid reader herself) had read to me on a regular basis growing up, so as soon as i was able to get into reading myself, I did. I use to hide away in my room all day reading and never got tired of it. It got harder to fit it in once I started working. I did and still do read in bed before I fall asleep. I have one major issue with this (as I’m sure others do too) If the book is a good one I can be awake till all hours of the morning not wanting to put it down, just in case I miss something. Crazy right! It will still be there the next evening (this thought never makes a difference at the time).  I am a  frequent visitor to the library and use to spend too much money in book stores (new & second hand). I do have the bonus of my Dad and I having similar interests in books. He buys and reads and I receive them after, this works for me and my budget. Then I visit the library a lot and still buy enough from bookstores to keep them in business but not sending myself broke. I now just have a problem with space. and where to put all the books as all my bookshelves are full and I can not part with any of them. (a very happy problem).



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